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GraceWorks Myanmar (GWM) is a non-denominational community development organisation. We partner with local organisations and individuals who are working in communities, helping them achieve improvement and sustainability in their quality of life.

Through education, health, community wellbeing, and livelihood initiatives, we invest in practical programs and projects. We emphasise building capacity and long-term relationships with local partners to play our role in empowering people in Myanmar to achieve sustainable development.

Our operations build on more than a decade of working with local communities. This is enabled by grants and philanthropic gifts from organisations based on Australia, the UK and Myanmar, corporate partnerships, and the generous financial and volunteer contributions of private supporters in Australia. 


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The Power of Advocacy

I Din village in Northern central Rakhine, a 2-hour drive from the state capital Sittwe, is one of many villages struggling with poor infrastructure, especially during rainy season.  This has a hampering effect on trade and business, access to health care, and children’s education. But for I Din village, this struggle is now over. Through […]

Winning in Myanmar – Culinary delights with a difference

MU AI Restaurant in Yangon – a quiet treasure in a city of shifting priorities. After a short walk through a bustling market and colourful stalls, I find a quiet eating house nestled between tall buildings and vibrant green pot plants, its narrow inviting entrance impossible to ignore. Ushered to a table by attentive and […]

Understanding & Responding to Conflict in Rakhine State: Conflict analysis & conflict sensitive strategic program advice for GraceWorks Myanmar, responding to the Rohingya–Rakhine–Burman conflict

Learn what is really happening in the Rakhine State. Our partners Deakin University have recently prepared a research paper for Graceworks Myanmar (GWM) that sets out the historical and ethnic issues that have impacted and shaped the current conflict in the Rakhine State. Prepared by Dr Anthony Ware, Dr Vicki Ware and Dr Costas Laoutides. […]

Lifesaving Training and Resources for Myanmar Communities

GraceWorks in Myanmar is proud to partner with a Health Care Training School (HCTS) in Yangon, where students are taught basic health care. They are also trained to a level where they have the ability and resources to deliver a baby. 21 Community Health Workers Graduate In late August, GraceWorks had the pleasure of celebrating […]

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